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Rookwood Weir

The site of the proposed Rookwood Weir is located on the Fitzroy River, approximately 66 km south-west of Rockhampton. The footprint of the weir is contained within the Rockhampton Regional Council local government area, however the water impoundment area borders the Woorabinda Aboriginal Shire Council and the Central Highlands Regional Council local government areas.

The construction of Rookwood Weir and associated infrastructure may be undertaken in a staged approach to give Gladstone Area Water Board and SunWater the flexibility to respond to water demand triggers and other factors, such as new consumers, drought conditions, security of supply and availability of funding. The staging and construction of Rookwood Weir may be undertaken independently of staging and construction activities at Eden Bann Weir.

Stage 1 of Rookwood Weir comprises:

  • Construction of the new Rookwood Weir to a full supply level (FSL) of 45.5 m AHD
  • 65,400 ML in water storage at FSL
  • 1,430 hectare impoundment area at FSL.

Stage 2 of Rookwood Weir comprises:

  • The addition of 3.5 m-high flap gates on Rookwood Weir to increase the FSL to 49 m AHD
  • Total of 117,290 ML in water storage at FSL
  • 1,930 ha impoundment area at FSL.

In addition to the construction of Rookwood Weir, the following infrastructure will be constructed or upgraded as part of the Project:

  • Construction of a eastern bank fish lock, capable of catering to high and low reservoir levels and water flows from zero to 500 m3/s
  • Construction of a turtle ramp on the eastern bank
  • Establishment of electrical plant (control room) at the weir site
  • Relocation and recalibration of the existing Riverslea gauging station
  • Construction of new crossings at Riverslea, Foleyvale and Hanrahan and removal of existing low level causeways and culverts (upstream)
  • Upgrade of Thirsty Creek Road to improve water course crossings principally to accommodate construction related traffic
  • Upgrade of the Capricorn Highway intersection at Gogango.
Rookwood Weir location map

Business case

Rookwood Weir is the focus of the detailed business case being led by Building Queensland in partnership with the Gladstone Area Water Board and SunWater.


Last updated 28 March 2017



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